Listen up folks, we cannot stay silent forever. Far too long, many of us have buried our heads in the sand and wished all the bad away. We’re good people. We’re caring people. We believe in equality. We believe in freedom. We believe in free speech for all. We believe in right and wrong. And I’m telling you we cannot pretend that injustices aren’t occurring. I have often asked myself ‘what can I do? I’m no one.’ I have felt for some time that speaking up wasn’t my place. After all, I am a white, heterosexual, cisgender female, in her late 30’s, who’s happily married with children, and a Christian. What could I possibly do or say that will make a difference? My opinion is moot (or seemingly so) on both sides of The Fence. No matter what I say I will be attacked and judged. I have been attacked by my own brothers and sisters in Christ for simply stating what the Bible says about loving people. And I’ve been attacked for being a Christian from the other side. I hate that there are sides. But the truth is – there are.

I, however, will not be choosing one. Choosing a side does no one any good. I want to stand in the middle and be a place of peace and restoration. This is what Christ calls me to do. He tells me to “love my neighbor” – not stand on a sidewalk holding a sign, protesting. But, instead, love them. I want to be a bridge between them. How do I do that? I’m still figuring that out. But, I cannot stay silent about it anymore

I do not have all the answers – not even close. I do not completely understand everything involved with the criminal justice system, the political madness occurring in our country, or the simple inability of our nation to come together and unite for the good of all people; regardless of skin color, cultural background, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. I cannot fathom how in the world any of this can be better. But, what I do know is that silence is no longer an answer.


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