Note to Self: Set Boundaries

I want to say YES to everyone. I want to be available all the time. I feel guilty when I miss a phone call, or cannot Boundariesrespond to texts or emails right away. I want to be available 24/7 to provide everything you need or want. But, I can’t. It’s just not possible.


Stop trying to be everything for everyone. You’re human. You’re finite. You’re not capable of doing it all. Stop setting people up to be disappointed. If you make yourself available all the time they’ll come to expect you to be available all the time. Shocking, I know. And the ONE time you’re not available they’ll complain, get upset and be disappointed.

You have to set up solid boundaries and then communicate them, both verbally and in action. If you set good boundaries you are more likely to create healthy expectations. Poor boundaries, or in my case NO boundaries, will result in hurt feelings, jealousy and contempt.

I am completely guilty of saying YES to everyone. My boundaries are more like open doors to my life. So, as you read this please understand I am talking to myself. But, you’re more than welcome to take some insight from this and apply it to your own life, business or circumstance.

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