Note to Self: Set Boundaries

I want to say YES to everyone. I want to be available all the time. I feel guilty when I miss a phone call, or cannot respond to texts or emails right away. I want to be available 24/7 to provide everything you need or want. But, I can't. It's just not possible. STOP! Stop trying to be everything for... Continue Reading →

Encouragement for the Shepherd’s Heart

Dear Minister, Please keep your head up. Stay clothed in the armor of God and filled with the Holy Spirit. You're doing the best you can to follow God's leading, and serve people. Ministry is very difficult sometimes. People are people. As ministers of the gospel it's easy to get discouraged when things don't go your... Continue Reading →

The Time is Now

"I'm a 15th generation practicing pagan, and proud of it." Her southern accent was thick as molasses. Her words dripped off her tongue like honey off the comb. Her box-blonde hair was fashioned in a bushy updo, and her makeup was as flashy and vibrant as her personality. She stood over us with one hand... Continue Reading →

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