What Does True Love Feel Like?

Earlier this week I had a Facebook friend private message me one of the toughest questions I’ve ever faced: What does true love feel like? I was actually taken aback by the question, because, 1) it came out of the blue and, 2) because I’ve never had to answer that question. I have answered other difficult questions…questions about God, Jesus, my faith, my family. But, never about how love “feels”. After several minutes of wracking my brain I started to think about the love in my life, and this was my response:

“Hmmmmm…..tough question. LOL. I’m not sure I can tell you what it “feels” like, but I can tell you what true love looks like for me.

“True love is selfless, self-sacrificing.”

True love is selfless, self-sacrificing. True love follows the model of Christ…. forgiveness, mercy, and it’s not about me…. it’s about Jesus first, then others and then me.

In a relationship, the only way to model true love is to have your priorities in order (Jesus, Others, You), and have your heart and mind in the right place. It’s a commitment; one you make every day. It’s not a once and done deal. I have to choose to commit every day, in every relationship.

For me, true love is having a husband, who doesn’t like heavy metal or rock music, take you to a live show, spend money on merchandise, stay out way too late…. just because he knows I love it. It’s when I go out of my way to do his laundry…. and when I encourage him in his endeavors and dreams…. even if it will take me outside my comfort zone, or interrupt my day. True love is knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my spouse loves me, likes me, (love and like are different LOL) supports me, (in my ministry, my music, my dreams) cares for me, provides for me (hates his job and goes anyway), is a wonderful father to our kids, makes time for me, etc.

I guess, in a nutshell, true love ‘feels’ like I’m special and cherished by someone.

I hope that helps.”

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