A Precious Necessity

Nap time is a precious commodity in our home, especially for me. From the moment my daughter’s eyes open in the morning until the moment they finally close at night, she’s a handful. My own personal two-year-old “tear-up-the-house tornado”. My little jabber-jaw. The only peace I get during daytime hours is during her nap time. This is when I find time to write, such as this article. It’s when I find time to clean and then decide I could be doing other, more useful things, such as drink another cup of coffee, or read, or take a shower (another precious commodity). However, I was talking with a friend of mine today and we were discussing what a handful my toddler is and she said, “I would be terrified of the moment she wakes up”. She meant it in good fun. She knows my daughter pretty well and understands just how much trouble my little one can get herself into. But, it got me thinking…..

My life won’t always be this way. Someday my big-eyed baby girl won’t look up at me with that jelly-covered face and ask me, repeatedly, to read her a “bood” (book), or play Mickey Mouse, Criffird (Clifford the Big Red Dog), Bears (Care  Bears) and “Tocker” (Daniel Tiger). One day she won’t ask me to to spin her ’round and ’round until I’m so dizzy I could faint. She will stop asking me, “Mommy sit. Play.” Someday, very soon, she’ll be too busy with her friends or ‘too cool’ to hang out with me and 1394238698713I’ll be embarrassing to her. One day she’ll stop asking me “what’s dis?” for every little thing she sees, or hears or smells. We won’t make up silly songs together or dance around the house like no one is watching. She will stop asking me to take her the park. She will stop playing during bath time and playing with bubbles will be a thing of the past. Cuddle time will completely disappear and my heart will break. She will be able to comfort herself after a nightmare, or put herself to sleep every night without being wrapped tight in a blankie and rocking. She won’t need help on and off the potty, and she won’t want to talk to me while I’m on the potty. One day, too soon for this mother’s heart to handle, she won’t need me for everything, and I will miss it.

So, even though I often look forward to nap time, I am going to try and cherish all of the tiresome questions, obnoxious behaviors, maddening temper tantrums, and vexatious messes for what they are: a precious necessity to my daughter’s development.

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