Finding Time to Write

Unlike many of you, I have difficulty finding time to write. (sarcasm intended) I am a stay-at-home mommy with a busy teenager and an active toddler. My daily routine consists of potty training, running my kids around (the typical soccer mom, minus the soccer), band practice and writing music (that’s a whole different topic), cleaning, laundry, making meals and other mommy and wife duties. Plus, church activities. I really feel like I’m leaving something out. Oh, right! Me time. Hahah. That was a little joke. My life basically revolves around Mickey Mouse cartoons, nap time and high school activities. So, finding the time to write can be challenging. (Even as I write this article my daughter is refusing to lay down for her nap. I’ll be right back…..)

My Little Minnie Mouse

Don’t get me wrong….I am NOT complaining. My mother tells the story of how I proclaimed, quite pointedly, “I am going to be a wife, a mommy, a singer and write stuff”, when I was just four years old. So, in reality, I am living my dream! And what adult actually gets to have their dream job? However, it does get hard to juggle it all. Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind. Coffee helps. (I love coffee!) The real goal is to do it all and maintain my sanity. After all, how do you say “No” to a face like this?

My husband will tell you, without hesitation, that I do too much. Or that I don’t know how to say “No”. He’s right. (Yes, honey you can use this as written proof that I’ve said this at least once in our marriage.)

I (might) do too much. I (might) take on too many responsibilities. I (might) carry too many burdens. I (might) wear too many hats. You know what? I love it. I love everything I do. It might be hard work, but it’s worth it. Every minute is fulfilling and magical. (cue the Mickey Mouse theme song…”hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog….”)

The point is, if I’m trying to make a point here, that I must do everything with purpose. The time I spend with my kids is precious, so it should be treated that way. And if I want to find time to write the worlds next masterpiece novel, I will have to specifically carve out time to do so. Otherwise, a day goes by and then a year goes by and I’ve written nothing.

I guess it’s time to make time.


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