Fall from Grace

the fall of man perpetuated a domino effect
the Creator’s perfect plan absolutely wrecked
and under the arrogant guise of longing to be all-knowing
man fell easily prey the devil’s malicious toying

we long for things that are vile and desire to have control
when in fact what we are doing is surrendering to the immoral
the enemy wants us right where we are, for us to go no further
in order to keep us from reaching a full life with the Father

the enemy discovers our hearts full of pride and greed
knowing that we cannot, or we will not, be freed
we continue to reject the power of the One who can save
we were created for Him, there is no other that we should crave

i desire things that are destructive and annihilate my soul
until the very core of my nature is utterly destroyed
in my anguish i believe it is easier to writhe in devastation
than it is to live on in the light of free salvation

i do not want a lord to know my innermost faults
so i build a tiny kingdom to bring honor to myself
it is not knowledge that i seek when i begin my fall from grace
it is simply my desperate attempt to recklessly control my fate

i fall
i reel
totally out of control
i fall from grace
i fall
i fall


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