Two Prayers Answered

Our little boy, 12 years old.

5 years ago today a little boy arrived in our home through the foster care system. His charming personality, warm heart and bright smile won us over immediately. As we sat in Dairy Queen having an in-depth conversation about living in our home and what that would mean for his future, Nathan asked if we would be open to adopting him, but only “if we really wanted him”. We were moved to tears. Our compassion for this little life sitting across the table from us was overwhelming. We knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he was going to be our son and that God had navigated our steps towards him.

We were so thrilled to finally have a child…our first child. (Someday I will detail our struggle with infertility & adoption. But, not today.) The adoption process was smooth and nearly painless; for us, not Nathan. Being adopted is both a special and torrential time for a child who’s been in the foster care system. It’s the end of one life, and the beginning of a new life.

As a family, we try to make sure that this day, July 8, is a special day. Today we remember how God answered two prayers on this day: Nathan’s prayer for a new family, and our prayer for a child.

We love you, Nathan!
Love, Mom & Dad

family 2015
The 3 of us on Nathan’s 17th birthday this year.



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